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Introducing the ultimate social networking solution for promotions and events.


what is POKEN?
connect with people, not profiles

Poken is your 'social business card.' It's the easy way to share your contact details and online social networks in the real world. Just hold two poken palms together - high4! - and you're connected.


ready, steady, glow...

To activate your poken, pull apart the body and hand and pull out the plastic tab. You'll see a flashing red light - it's now activated and ready to poken. Rock it!

Next time you meet someone awesome, just poken. As your social business card, your poken lets you connect on social networks without having to search for them, and you can easily download their contact details to programs like Outlook - Sooo Cool!


create, choose, share
we give you the elements, you define the fusion

Create your new digital business card when you register online. Make it 'social'.

Choose which social networks you want on your card - and add your contact details.

Share it all with a wave of your hand. That's poken!

And remember, unlike paper business cards you can change your info, manage contacts, and export them - anytime, anywhere. Buh-Bye Rolodex! Hello Trees!


wait. there's more?
it's a snapshot of who you are

With up-to-date contact details and one-click access to all the networking tools you choose to share, poken is the easiest way to manage all your online identities - and have fun with it!


what now?
get connected

To set up your account...

1. Plug your poken into your computer's USB port. It will appear as any drive does!

2. Go to the registration page at and we'll guide you through the rest!

It gets better - you can register your poken before or even after pokening. Until you register your poken contacts (that beat you to the registration process - get on it dude!) will just see an 'unregistered' card. After registering, all the information you choose to share will automatically appear on your card in their account.

Already have an ccount? No problem - you can link as many pokens to your account as you want.

Now get out there and poken. High Four!