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Digital Promotions

Digital Promotions

Digital Incentive Programs focus on driving the action or behavior to go to the next step.  Instant gratification awards such as music downloads, audio books, dining rewards, or movie tickets can be used to drive website traffic or incent customers to move to the next step in your sales process.  We offer No Inventory, turn-key programs.

Why Digital Promtions?  With over 70% of the US population using the internet each day, it makes good business sense to offer incentives that can be redeemed on line.  That is where your customers are and where brand to consumer recognition and retention is reported to be the greatest.

How do Digital Promotions work?  The programs are quite simple.  Digital promotions consist of a plastic card that can be given as a prospect, a client, or an employee.  The card holds a certain value for a particular product or service.  The product or service is redeemed by going to a website and entering a unique PIN number found on the card.


When should I use Digital Promotions?  Use Incentive Programs to reinforce behaviors that drive revenue and increase productivity, such as:

  • Dealer Incentive Programs
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Employee Spot Award Programs

Digital promotions are great tools for marketers!

  • High perceived value, low cost premiums
  • Customers have power to choose different options as applicable
  • Reach multiple target markets
  • Track your results!